How does it work?
We’ve hacked those annoying musical cards and have mass produced custom sound cards to play on loop the moment the card is taken out the envelope. There is no off switch so you need to get thinking 😉

Why would I want this?
We don’t judge here, I’m sure someone in your life deserves a little prank, why not give them something that hasn’t been done before?

Will they know its me?
Not unless you tell them! Half the fun we feel is them figuring out who done it. Keep it quiet and let them stew!

Can I write a message on it?
We can definitely write one for you, you wont be able to write one yourself as once its loaded, there is no way to stop it playing once unleashed.

How much is it?
You do have the options of additional add ons to make it all the more fun.

Wont it get set off in the mail?
No, we’ve tested it out numerous times and simple movement from A to B (even rough movement) won’t set it off. You need to take the card out.

I’ve gotten one of your cards, how do I stop it!
Option a) Wait it out, it’ll be a few more hours, Option b) Think of a creative way to *silence* it.